Tuesday, January 24, 2006

And another thing

I am absolutely all full up on the "lesser of two evils" voting methodology, such that anyone who espouses it in my presence will henceforth be heckled until made to cry. Or beaten with a shovel, depending on my mood.

There is no such thing as a "lesser evil", folks. A pig is a pig is a pig, and no amount of lipstick will make it any less of a pig. The same is true of any odious politician. The very concept that Kerry's total lack of charisma, poorly worded rebuttals to the mischarcterization of his voting record, and his obsequious appeals to the voters, could be forgotten in favor of booting out the maniac currently infesting the White House is just plain ignorant. I know many people preferred him, to President Bush, but the overriding approach seemed to be "not Bush" as opposed to "what a great candidate!".

And that is a fundamental flaw in our system. Among the millions of intelligent people inhabiting this country, we can find two--TWO!!--people capable of being President? Small business owners, corporate chiefs, doctors, lawyers, economists, historians, and myriad other educated persons abound in this country, but we'll never meet them. Instead, we'll be remorselessly flogged by the bought and paid for political class for our money, our votes, and our trust.

We need more of the parties to have access to airtime, to get their message out. We need to tell the media companies, with our purchasing dollar, that their ads will not be seen if EVERY candidate is not allowed to address the people. Remember, the only ones that will be at issue are those that managed to generate enough signatures to get on the ballot. If they had that access, then the American people (or those folks with the wit to look beyond party) would be better informed about their choices. And, yes, I know that no few people in this country prefer to get their data summarized in easily digestible, brief, and factually ambiguous 15 second sound bites. This, however, should not prevent us from finding the candidate that most aligns with our beliefs and voting for them, regardless of gender or political party.

And regardless of who you vote for, you absolutely MUST VOTE!! Those of you who don't are beneath contempt. There is no nobility in not committing, with the one tool at your disposal, to the guidance of this country. Save your whining about "one vote makes no difference", because the fiasco in Florida laid that particular meme to rest. My most virulent response, though, is to anyone who tells me that I wasted my vote when I voted for a Libertarian in the very tight 2000 race. This was a very old and good friend, and I very much wanted to throttle this person with their own intestines. (Graphic, I know, but that just made me crazy.)

I researched the candidates, compared their views with my own, and their goals with my impression of the direction this country needed to go, and then made my choice on my interpetation of the evidence. I voted my conscience, and had not one single regret for having done so. As a result, I was deeply pissed when this person blithely ignored all that to tell me that my conscientious choice was invalid because it deprived this person's preferred candidate of my vote in a close race. As if I was obligated to choose A or B, instead of C. Too bad. Life is about informed choices, and no one is qualified to determine that my choice is a waste of my vote.


Geo_Chick said...

Sheesh, you wanted to rip out my guts. Dang. I think it was me, or was it? That was a while ago. But I think I didn't feel too strongly about it as you live in a state that went blue. I mighta cared if you lived in Ohio, if they actually would have counted your vote.

I WISH the 3rd parties had a chance. I think we need a much more balanced gov't. But the last guy who was close was Perot and he blew it by dropping out and in. It seems the only people who get heard anymore are extremists. I am somewhere in the middle. I think most people are, but somehow we don't get represented. And thus we are stuck in the lesser of two evils situation. I don't see how to get out of it. I fear certain cantidates too much to risk my vote on someone who has no chance. So I pick the guy who might have a chance to keep the one I hate out of office. It sucks! I want to have someone I like to vote for.

Officious Pedant said...

My point was that it doesn't matter the circumstances, because I voted my conscience. There is no possibility, for me, that I made the wrong choice.

And there are other candidates out there, but you have to look for them. Some of them redefine fringe, but others have a worthwhile platform and deserve a fair hearing. Don't expect to see them on the public debates. You have to find them on CSPAN or one of the derivatives or on their website, but the search will positively astound you with the divergence of opinion.

Renee said...

Chuck Pennacchio for PA Senator!

TravelCrazed Karin said...

While I agree with your sentiment on this topic, I wonder at its logic in this particular case. This President is wreaking destruction across our nation and the world. He has attacked everything that we believe in and his willingness to stomp our Constitution threatens the existence of the democracy that we enjoyed. Where to begin with our list of his wrongs? Illegal war, torture, Katrina, warrantless spying, repealing of environmental protections, attacks on Social Security, demolishing government agencies that protect worker safety....This President is literally killing us. So, I have to ask? Was it a choice of a lesser evil? Would a President Kerry have even come close to this level of evil? And, having known that most of the things on my short list were happening prior to the election, and knowing that a third party candidate did not stand a chance of winning the election, did you really make the right choice in this instance?
Third party candidates are extremely important because they send a wake up call to the dominant parties - don't take us for granted because we hold your future in our hands!! In this particular instance though, candidates on the left, all of them, should have rallied behind and worked towards the election of one candidate because the one who got elected is now the master of our future destruction.

Lew Scannon said...

I was voting Libertarian since 1984 (in '80 I voted for Anderson)and was sucked in to the whole can't let Bush win thing for the last two elections. Then it hit me. That's exactly why they give us such awful choices, to keep us from voting our conscience.

Aethlos said...

i'd go with the shovel... heckling is overrated.