Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A comment to the DNC (crossposted the the DNC)

To whom it may concern,

By which I mean the American people, I am an avowed Independent, and vote as such. I have done so since my enlistment in the US Marine Corps, because, while I am flabbergasted by the drivel I hear pouring from the right, I don't see anyone on the left (aside from noteable, and recent, individuals like Barak Obama and Paul Hackett, and Mr. Murtha) who has the will to stand up and say anything remotely meaningful about the state in which this country finds itself.

Zell Miller is permitted, with little criticism, to be a keynote speaker at the Republican National Convention and deliver some of the most vile rhetoric in furtherance of the criminal policies of this government. On the other hand, respected members of Congress, like Jack Murtha, are painted by members of the House as a coward, and the indignation seems limited to the House floor. Where is the support for his rather modest proposal to establish an exit strategy in real terms? Not an abandonment of the Iraqi people, for God's sake, but a furtherance of the policy that they step up for themselves. Yet Mrs. Pelosi acted as though she could simply brush this aside as the natterings of a "fringe Democrat", I assume because she felt that her constituents were far more interested the continued blood-letting in Iraq. Of course, that was proved profoundly wrong by the Town Hall she conducted in her district a few weeks ago.

I am sick unto death of watching some of the senior members of the party stand up and try to reasonably explain some fine point of procedural rules to the cameras, while trying to appear above the fray on so many critical issues. Medicare is floundering, the war in Iraq and its reconstruction continue to be bogged down in security concerns; billions of taxpayer dollars went missing; energy expenses skyrocketed heading into Christmas; the housing market is softening as interest rates creep upward; the President authorized the NSA to data mine the American people before 9/11, and informed the nation that he would continue to do so without a warrant; millions live in poverty; and there is credible evidence that the voting machines in Ohio were tampered with by a company whose CEO swore he would bring it home for Mr. Bush.

This barely scratches the surface of the problems and criminal behavior, the resolution of which is the reason Congress EXISTS!!

Yet you seek to restrain Mr. Dean, and others, because he speaks the truth in a manner which the right finds offensive? After the VP of the United States had the temerity to order a US Senator to...perform an act upon himself that was flatly impossible? I am so far past caring what the far-right, neo-fascist, pseudo-religious, mysanthropic, homophobic, and misinformed far right "religious" fundamentalists are offended by, I can't adequately express it.

If you do not mobilize the voters, the bloggers, and the independents like me, largely by taking the simple step of shouting the friggin' truth from the rooftops, you will be rendered a bit player in the drama currently unfolding here in the United States. We are in a Constitutional crisis, brought on, once again, by a Republican President, and your supine position on the issue of civil rights, Presidential authority, choice, taxes, the Patriot Act (which you flatly voted for in an effort to keep your seats), and the AUMF (which was also a blatant effort to not be seen as weak on defense) has taken us not one single step toward turning the tide.

Get a clue, folks, or get left behind.

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