Tuesday, January 24, 2006

And another thing

I am absolutely all full up on the "lesser of two evils" voting methodology, such that anyone who espouses it in my presence will henceforth be heckled until made to cry. Or beaten with a shovel, depending on my mood.

There is no such thing as a "lesser evil", folks. A pig is a pig is a pig, and no amount of lipstick will make it any less of a pig. The same is true of any odious politician. The very concept that Kerry's total lack of charisma, poorly worded rebuttals to the mischarcterization of his voting record, and his obsequious appeals to the voters, could be forgotten in favor of booting out the maniac currently infesting the White House is just plain ignorant. I know many people preferred him, to President Bush, but the overriding approach seemed to be "not Bush" as opposed to "what a great candidate!".

And that is a fundamental flaw in our system. Among the millions of intelligent people inhabiting this country, we can find two--TWO!!--people capable of being President? Small business owners, corporate chiefs, doctors, lawyers, economists, historians, and myriad other educated persons abound in this country, but we'll never meet them. Instead, we'll be remorselessly flogged by the bought and paid for political class for our money, our votes, and our trust.

We need more of the parties to have access to airtime, to get their message out. We need to tell the media companies, with our purchasing dollar, that their ads will not be seen if EVERY candidate is not allowed to address the people. Remember, the only ones that will be at issue are those that managed to generate enough signatures to get on the ballot. If they had that access, then the American people (or those folks with the wit to look beyond party) would be better informed about their choices. And, yes, I know that no few people in this country prefer to get their data summarized in easily digestible, brief, and factually ambiguous 15 second sound bites. This, however, should not prevent us from finding the candidate that most aligns with our beliefs and voting for them, regardless of gender or political party.

And regardless of who you vote for, you absolutely MUST VOTE!! Those of you who don't are beneath contempt. There is no nobility in not committing, with the one tool at your disposal, to the guidance of this country. Save your whining about "one vote makes no difference", because the fiasco in Florida laid that particular meme to rest. My most virulent response, though, is to anyone who tells me that I wasted my vote when I voted for a Libertarian in the very tight 2000 race. This was a very old and good friend, and I very much wanted to throttle this person with their own intestines. (Graphic, I know, but that just made me crazy.)

I researched the candidates, compared their views with my own, and their goals with my impression of the direction this country needed to go, and then made my choice on my interpetation of the evidence. I voted my conscience, and had not one single regret for having done so. As a result, I was deeply pissed when this person blithely ignored all that to tell me that my conscientious choice was invalid because it deprived this person's preferred candidate of my vote in a close race. As if I was obligated to choose A or B, instead of C. Too bad. Life is about informed choices, and no one is qualified to determine that my choice is a waste of my vote.

A comment to the DNC (crossposted the the DNC)

To whom it may concern,

By which I mean the American people, I am an avowed Independent, and vote as such. I have done so since my enlistment in the US Marine Corps, because, while I am flabbergasted by the drivel I hear pouring from the right, I don't see anyone on the left (aside from noteable, and recent, individuals like Barak Obama and Paul Hackett, and Mr. Murtha) who has the will to stand up and say anything remotely meaningful about the state in which this country finds itself.

Zell Miller is permitted, with little criticism, to be a keynote speaker at the Republican National Convention and deliver some of the most vile rhetoric in furtherance of the criminal policies of this government. On the other hand, respected members of Congress, like Jack Murtha, are painted by members of the House as a coward, and the indignation seems limited to the House floor. Where is the support for his rather modest proposal to establish an exit strategy in real terms? Not an abandonment of the Iraqi people, for God's sake, but a furtherance of the policy that they step up for themselves. Yet Mrs. Pelosi acted as though she could simply brush this aside as the natterings of a "fringe Democrat", I assume because she felt that her constituents were far more interested the continued blood-letting in Iraq. Of course, that was proved profoundly wrong by the Town Hall she conducted in her district a few weeks ago.

I am sick unto death of watching some of the senior members of the party stand up and try to reasonably explain some fine point of procedural rules to the cameras, while trying to appear above the fray on so many critical issues. Medicare is floundering, the war in Iraq and its reconstruction continue to be bogged down in security concerns; billions of taxpayer dollars went missing; energy expenses skyrocketed heading into Christmas; the housing market is softening as interest rates creep upward; the President authorized the NSA to data mine the American people before 9/11, and informed the nation that he would continue to do so without a warrant; millions live in poverty; and there is credible evidence that the voting machines in Ohio were tampered with by a company whose CEO swore he would bring it home for Mr. Bush.

This barely scratches the surface of the problems and criminal behavior, the resolution of which is the reason Congress EXISTS!!

Yet you seek to restrain Mr. Dean, and others, because he speaks the truth in a manner which the right finds offensive? After the VP of the United States had the temerity to order a US Senator to...perform an act upon himself that was flatly impossible? I am so far past caring what the far-right, neo-fascist, pseudo-religious, mysanthropic, homophobic, and misinformed far right "religious" fundamentalists are offended by, I can't adequately express it.

If you do not mobilize the voters, the bloggers, and the independents like me, largely by taking the simple step of shouting the friggin' truth from the rooftops, you will be rendered a bit player in the drama currently unfolding here in the United States. We are in a Constitutional crisis, brought on, once again, by a Republican President, and your supine position on the issue of civil rights, Presidential authority, choice, taxes, the Patriot Act (which you flatly voted for in an effort to keep your seats), and the AUMF (which was also a blatant effort to not be seen as weak on defense) has taken us not one single step toward turning the tide.

Get a clue, folks, or get left behind.

Monday, January 23, 2006


Well, there's probably no need for me to ever bother writing again, since the boys at The Beast have said nearly everything I ever wanted to.

While I wallow in my inferiority and mourn the fact that I'll never be both as witty and concise, have a look at their 50 Most Loathsome People in America, 2005.

Oh, and for those of you dying for an update: I still have yet to hear from the movers, who I hope (pray, wish, beg) will be here on Friday or everything turns to shit.

While the "Uproot Your Life in 10 Days" adventure is going relatively ok, Mr. Bitch and I are rattled and only marginally in touch with the mechanics of sane conversation.

Here's an exchange we had about ice cream (referred to as "Phish") just the other night:

Q: Do you want your ice cream now or later?

A: Yeah.

Q: That was an "or" question.

A: Phish.

Meanwhile, Baby Bitch says "bye bye" every 4 minutes or so.

We should be on a plane Saturday. If not, you can find me in a little room, rocking back & forth and wearing a little canvas number with really long arms.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Pic of the Day

Just something sweet in case your day hasn't been.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Personal Drivel, or "Where the Hell Has She Been?"

I figure it's high time I poke my head in here and at least pretend I have something to do with the goings on of this blog, eh?

Things at Casa Bitch have been moving at something of a fever pitch for the last couple of weeks thanks to some stellar news: Mr. Bitch has accepted an offer he (we) couldn't refuse in lovely Colorado and we have to effect our transplant in a mere two weeks (er, 10 days, now). Thankfully, Big Company is paying for the move and coordinating the beefy mover dudes, but all other logistics fall to moi, Domestic Engineer of the Bitch household.

I'm of two minds over this task allocation: my anal retentive half is perfectly content to have my fingers in nearly all the pies, since "if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself". (Yes, I have trouble delegating in a corporate environment. You have a problem with that?!?) My lazy hippie half wants to whine about not having it all magically attended by the moving fairy and is steering my packing procrastination a bit starboard. No doubt this schizophrenic approach to such an upheaval is more interesting to actually watch than read about, but should any particularly comic results manifest while I crumble into a pile of panic and sloth, I'll be sure to pass them along to you, kind and loyal readers.

The end-of-the-rainbow element of this move means that after nearly 7 years, Mr. Bitch will finally stop traveling for a living and be home every night of the week. This is of increasing importance as Baby Bitch enters his 2nd year and is a heartbeat away from pleas of "Daddy, don't go". As my husband so delicately put it, however, the Elephant in the Living Room is "what happens if we don't actually LIKE seeing each other every day?" In my mind, this leaves us with a few interesting options.

A.) Banal hobbies. He might find some belching poker party to attend or I might try to explore some Cassarole-of-the-Month Club or something. Green beans and peanut butter, anyone?

B.) The night shift. I was a stellar bar tender. Charming, witty, flirtatious. I can seduce you into buying far more drinks than you intended to consume and then kick you out at closing in a way that makes you feel like I can hardly wait for your return. My tendency to linger after closing and get sloshed might be a downside at this point, however.

C.) Back yard burial. Mr. Bitch is insured. I know where he sleeps. And the silly man lets me feed him all the time. Hey, accidents happen. People disappear all the time.

Chances are good we'd opt for A in the event claustrophobia sets in, but in all seriousness, the good news is this: Mr. Bitch and our devil-spawn are pretty much the center of my universe and for good reason; their company is impossible to beat and most days, I love them so much it's hard to breathe.

I'll do my best to pop in here over the next couple-three weeks and regale you with amusing moving tales (assuming such animals exist), but if I don't, I trust you'll understand. I've only been half-watching the news/reading the blogs and all the State of the Nation garners is an eye-roll and a surge of bile. Commentary is plentiful on my blog roll. Please avail yourselves of it if you haven't yet. My continual thanks to Lily for keeping the cobwebs at bay...

I'll resume the regularly scheduled snark once we're settled in Colorado. It's a red state, you know. Thankfully, blue counties are plentiful and Boulder (Hippie Heaven) is less than an hour away from our would-be abode. <whew>


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A Little-a-This, A Little-a-That

I swear, my two-year-old is running my ass ragged. By the time I get a breather at night, I have all the wit of a goldfish.

Many thanks to those that posted New Year's wishes -- greatly appreciated. And a special thanks to Disgusted in St. Louis for the photohop magic -- you ROCK!

If all, what, 4? of you show up tonight, treat this as an open thread.

Here's a few morsels for ya:

Does Digby ever have an off day? Somehow, I doubt it.

Fasten your seatbelts. The press is surely under tremendous pressure from the Republicans to report this as a bi-partisan scandal and they are already buckling under. But that doesn't change the fact that this is a GOP operation from the get --- and they know it.


This characterization of the scandal as being "bi-partisan" is typical bad mainstream journalism, particularly the emphasis they are placing on the very small handful of Democrats who've even been mentioned (much less included in any legal procedings.) Not only are they creating some equity and illegality where none exists, by doing it they are missing the real story, as usual.

This isn't a story about power corrupting or about a few bad apples. This is about a corrupt political machine --- a system of money laundering and public corruption on behalf of one political party. It's about a party that has used every tool at its disposal to legally and illegally enrich itself and enhance its power. It's right there. It's unravelling before our eyes.

Fucking brilliant: You don't have to a sociopath to be Republican, but it helps. (hat tip C&L)

I'm seriously thinking of ordering this as a bumper sticker.

In case you missed any mentions of it, turns out Mel Gibson is something of a dolt. Oh well. I'll probably still see The New World.

If any of you have had the displeasure of speaking to a wingnut that cites publications like World Net Daily as gospel, you'll like ConWebWatch. When I'm in such a revolting position, the amount of crap contained in such "references" is enough to make my hair hurt and I honestly can't be bothered to reply in detail about why virtually every sentence is wrong. Thanks to these nifty Internets, I (we) have a little help in that area. Enjoy.