Monday, January 23, 2006


Well, there's probably no need for me to ever bother writing again, since the boys at The Beast have said nearly everything I ever wanted to.

While I wallow in my inferiority and mourn the fact that I'll never be both as witty and concise, have a look at their 50 Most Loathsome People in America, 2005.

Oh, and for those of you dying for an update: I still have yet to hear from the movers, who I hope (pray, wish, beg) will be here on Friday or everything turns to shit.

While the "Uproot Your Life in 10 Days" adventure is going relatively ok, Mr. Bitch and I are rattled and only marginally in touch with the mechanics of sane conversation.

Here's an exchange we had about ice cream (referred to as "Phish") just the other night:

Q: Do you want your ice cream now or later?

A: Yeah.

Q: That was an "or" question.

A: Phish.

Meanwhile, Baby Bitch says "bye bye" every 4 minutes or so.

We should be on a plane Saturday. If not, you can find me in a little room, rocking back & forth and wearing a little canvas number with really long arms.


tmp00 said...

Phish food? Ben and Jerry's? Yummers- my favorite. Ah well, if you end up in the farm, dearie, I'm sure that your loyal friends and fans will make sure that you have an ample supply at hand, and a Jack Daniels drip....

Lily said...

Thats good ice cream!
I will miss baby bitch. Things will work out ok, though. Its a good thing to do.

Lily said...

Courtesy linkage notice on your Beast piece. FYI.

Cantankerous Bitch said...


Geo_Chick said...

So CB, rubber room or airplane? How is it working out?

Renee said...

The list was fucking brilliant!

Geo_Chick said...

And are you there yet? How goes/went the move?

I LUV CATS said...
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