Thursday, July 28, 2005


Just saw a story on NBC's Nightly News about a great idea for cell phone users.

In the event that any of us, heaven forbid, are wheeled into an emergency room unconscious, ER personnel may not have any idea who to contact on your behalf.

Given how many of us carry cell phones, the idea is this:
Create an address book entry under the name of ICE (for In Case of Emergency) and progam in the number of your emergency contact person. This should be someone that can speak to your medical circumstances past & present, if possible.

It's something that we can do for ourselves that'll take only a few seconds, but could prove crucial during an unthinkable event.


Lily said...

Better yet- be like me and throw the f***ing cell phone away and happily die free of text messages and stupid phone calls in the middle of a good espresso... PLUS- knowing your luck, sweetie, your stupid ass phone would be out of range!!!!
STAT Can you hear me now? I have cantankerous bitch dying on my table... are you a next of kin? WHAT WHAT? Can you hear me??? Hello? Oh wait! You are not allowed to use cell phones in hospitals... quick, run outside... Oh look! A text message! A NASDAQ ticker...

Cantankerous Bitch said...

ROFL Such a cynic!

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