Monday, July 18, 2005

Unf*ingbelievable: Abortion & Breast Cancer

I'm working on a post regarding reproductive rights, fundamentalists and politics, which I'll post shortly. In the meantime, however, I wanted to bring to your collective attention some of the most insidious crap I've ever seen from these blowhards.

It's one thing to be devout to the point of political cluelessness, it's another thing altogether to incite your followers with sickening, contemptible bullshit.


tmp00 said...

From their site "10% of women with breast cancer can be accounted for by their past abortions, and they don't even know it. They're not being told of the possible risks and complications or being given informed consent when they enter these death camps.

Can we even get into how freaking wrong this is? First of all. I have more science backing up my claim that the Earth revolves around my dimpled white a##-cheeks than the 10% part, and as someone whose tribe was actually led into REAL death camps, along with the gypsies and the jews, I find the second part to be particularly hurl-making.

I have been in clinic defense and seen some of these "christians" close up: spittle-flecked hate-spewing morons preying upon woman who are making perhaps the most difficult decision they will ever have to make- and one which is the most personal. They paint portraits of these women as cruel diletantes who practice abortions as birth control as if this was something these women did, depending upon the cliche, between cashing welfare checks and having the Cadillac detailed or between champagne brunches and firing the maid (and I've driven two friends home from them- this wasn't like getting a pedicure).

They sicken me.

Bill Ziemer said...

That there is no link there is only mildly inconvenient when you have your own research supporting it. Especially frightening thing is that the fake science is the first link in google using "breast cancer abortion link".

Cantankerous Bitch said...

Which, of course, goes directly to Greenlily's "snatching" point.
So how do we combat this? Do we now have to teach our children how to vet the credentials of "experts" when considering their conclusions? I suppose we do, despite my revulsion at the idea. It's a wonder any of us can keep up, having to swim through propaganda the way we're now required.