Monday, December 05, 2005

News Junkie

At another blog, a blograde was lamenting the quiet news week. "There isn't much to write about these days."
Slap me senseless and call me Paris, but huh? Perhaps because I am a certifiable news junkie I hardly ever feel that way. I decided to dig deeper. One thing I love about CB here is her ability to wade through the swamplands of MSM and save me time because I simply cannot get to it all.
Nothing to write about? What did this chick mean? Why did I care? Why didn't I just go warm my feet at My Left Wing? Turns out that what she meant was that there was an absence of sensational stories, an absence of Schiavo-like sparring, an absence of scandal. There were no stories with which to catapult her pet topics, no venue for her commentary. No little Mclaughlin party, just for her. She did not want to reduce herself to Hollywood news. Did not feel like researching ConRice's remarks on torture. Did not feel compelled to follow the Global warming conference in Canada. Where is the news that everyone is talking about???
If everyone is talking about it, we don't need to. I think its a given that several billion people are more capable than I am. I ask about conformity and suggest that we can write about more of the under reported things, one of the compelling reasons to read a blog is to get a broader perspective. When I go to ten blogs and eight of them are saying the same thing, I feel kinship, which has its place, but I also find many have lifted their content from some of the others like a big bloggy bandwagon. Everyone wants to be the next Kos. Can't blame them.
"I'm not like you, I can't masturbate to NPR, with more boring opinions and criticisms than my little typing fingers can carry." she snorts. ouch
But the beauty of the blogosphere is that nobody has to agree with what I think is important. There are so many blogs- truly there is a niche for everyone, whatever your political persuasion or your recreational leanings. Some people feel strongly about an issue and see it as counterproductive to dilute their energies into dozens of topics when they can stay on top of some key developments on matters they feel able to speak to. Perhaps it is a matter of understanding product. And as neighbors, we need to see the value in millions of little soap boxes, good or bad, shitty or brilliant, critical or compliant, recipes or rebellion.


Cantankerous Bitch said...

CB has been dealing with high levels of personal white noise, if you will. From the banal (heavy-duty house cleaning in preparation for Mom's visit) to the serious (the death of a friend), it's been a distraction all around.
Things should calm down in the next week, hopefully, at which point the snark will resume....
Stay tuned, folks.

Lily said...

CB just let me know if you need anything. I'm sorry to hear that. Sad.
And I know how 'prep for visit' can be. Rough time of year. Lots going on.
Figured good ol' Courtney Love was a good choice given the title!
Just the H+S way of saying we miss you!

Geo_Chick said...

So sorry to hear about your loss.

And good luck with grama's visit. I am sure the little guy is being so helpful with the cleaning up. Those toddler boys love to be tidy.

Disgusted in St. Louis said...


My condolences to your friend's family and yourself.

I hope your mom's visit is enjoyable and a good thing as opposed to a holiday stress factor.

Cantankerous Bitch said...

Thanks, all. Freda was my mom's next door neighbor for nearly 20 years and was my surrogate grandma. Her Christmas Latkes were stuff of legend, and I'll miss her unabashedly Democratic viewpoint at all future political arguments over holiday gatherings. Fortunately, I was able to chat with her not 2 weeks before she passed, and she went rather suddenly, so she was spared a long, protracted illness or gawd-awful hospital stay. I look forward to catching her next time 'round the wheel...

And thanks, Lily, I'll holler if we're up a creek. See you Sunday if you make it to Joy's party.

Lily said...

I have four places to go that same day, I expect the weekend from hell and am still trying to decide what I can blow off. This time of year is crazy. I will be there eventually but already told her it will be late and frazzled. I'll pop in- she's a cool cat. We've had some good hissmatches lately.

Lily said...

By the way she did have a great party but I am suffering from too much of her 'special coffee". (A Bailey's like concoction) And we had to sample the home made wine from next door too...she was such a gracious host,had food to accommodate all the menu challenges. This week is just going to be very busy, but if you are up to it we are heading to the sanctuary Wednesday for the Solstice event.