Thursday, March 23, 2006


Interesting study, though perhaps the conclusions are fit for the "No shit" file.

Remember the whiny, insecure kid in nursery school, the one who always thought everyone was out to get him, and was always running to the teacher with complaints? Chances are he grew up to be a conservative.

At least, he did if he was one of 95 kids from the Berkeley area that social scientists have been tracking for the last 20 years. The confident, resilient, self-reliant kids mostly grew up to be liberals.


The whiny kids tended to grow up conservative, and turned into rigid young adults who hewed closely to traditional gender roles and were uncomfortable with ambiguity.

The confident kids turned out liberal and were still hanging loose, turning into bright, non-conforming adults with wide interests. The girls were still outgoing, but the young men tended to turn a little introspective.

h/t John

Is anyone surprised by this? It certainly seems possible to extend these conclusions into support for CW that shows us conservatives spring more often from the mid-west (less ethnic, religious and social strata) while liberals spring most often from the coasts/metropolitan centers (more layers than spanikopita). One doesn't last long in the latter areas while being "uncomfortable with ambiguity".

No doubt the Freepi will pound on this study as much as they bemoaned the "crazy conservatives" study referenced in the article. My favorite part is when they all spend a bizarrely large amount of energy impugning studies and their authors, all the while dismissing them out of hand as blindly biased.

Me thinks the wingers doth protest too much. I know, I know. A real news flash, that.


Geo_Chick said...

I notice that those kids have a certain type of parent that responds to that kinda behavior with giving the kid what they want. Unlike my poor kids that get, "stop whining, there's no blood, walk it off" or variations on that theme.

Did anyone read, "Don't Think of an Elephant: Know Your Values and Frame the Debate--The Essential Guide for Progressives" -- by George Lakoff. He essentially frames republicans vs democrats as debate of parenting styles of thought. Check it out.

Bill Ziemer said...

Broken link to the study. Try
this , it is "How to spot a baby conservative" from Mar. 19.

Renee said...

Thanks, Bill.

Was about to post the same.

Cantankerous Bitch said...

Whoops. Thanks, Bill/Renee.