Tuesday, October 18, 2005

"How You Can Help"

Kudos to The Daily Granola for assembling a great list of things all of us can do, in varying degrees of complexity, to better care for the environment.

No, these aren't ground-breaking suggestions, but a handy list to reference and pass along to anyone you know that might need some ideas. Enjoy.


Lily said...

I checked out a few of the suggestions- some known, some I was honestly not that familiar with the reasoning for. Its a pretty good basic list.
There's a strawbale project going on nearby and it does not appear to be as daunting as I originally thought. It would be an intriguing medium for a new workshop space.
The quest to convert you to greenbitchery continues...

Cantankerous Bitch said...

Hey now --
The Bitch clan has been doing some of these things for decades. We don't compost, but we're not dining on paper plates every day either. So there. Nee ner nee ner.