Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Today's Must Read: "Reenergize America - A Democratic Blueprint"

Meteor Blades, Jerome a Paris and Devilstower have assembled a remarkably comprehensive proposal for a Democratic energy platform that must not be missed.

They're soliciting comments and feedback, so if this area is under your particular umbrella of expertise, it's expecially important to get involved in the discussion.

These guys are no slackers, and their work is to be commended. Anyone that suggests that the "common man" is unable to present workable solutions at the national policy level should be forced to commit this to memory.

Well done, guys. Well done.


Lily said...

Well certainly the feedback is already extensive! Its a long read, and I daresay that for many people their attention span is lacking- a problem with most things. I happen to ENJOY such reads so for me it was like an energy hot fudge sundae, gooey and full of Meteor Blades reading my distant and unrelated mind about fears like nuclear proliferation.
I do credit them with full props for their work. And it is comprehensive.
I am not prone to comment on comments in a comment- BUT
What do you make of the people that say:Eureka, you nailed it, get the keys! We're drivin to Congress!!
"Reality check- it don't work that way?" They have been confronted by plan after plan with varying subtleties, but see, they aren't really interested in SOLVING the problems. So great plans not withstanding, the mechanisms toward accountability to the public good needs to change.
CB can recall the experience some of us relayed to her,about local and DC senate offices with the energy reps that thought the pipelines in ANWR would keep the caribou warm...I know I'm being cynical, and I REALLY dont want to be..but these are PEOPLE PAID TO REPRESENT YOU BY YOUR TAX DOLLARS!!! Wrap your brain around that!! It's absurd. It goes beyond approval ratings for a President, we need widely publicized approval ratings for evey last toadie.
Much of what appears is a presentation of many ideas that are certainly floating around and are often lectured on, roundtabled, etc. There are some refreshing twists, and I think the approach of humility versus 'we know it all' is perhaps why it appeals to me. I like that its a bit more reality based than other plans. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that it does not focus on corporate subsidies but rather is more consumer driven. That is a perspective that I can hum to.
I might sound like a broken record, but the problem is often not a lack of plan or lack of ideas. The problem is the political climate for this direction. Loosening the corporate noose. At a time when graduate schools are devoting entire departments to urban planning and sustainability/eco studies- and the issues have been taken up by everyone from Sierra Club to Audubon--these plans are certainly being generated but nobody seems to know how to address the financial realities that hinder political buy-in.
There was a time when everyone realized that sliced bread was convenient, but somebody had to build the machine to do it.
Am I being negative or caustic in saying that I want a 'must read' that speaks to real strategy on that?

Meteor Blades said...

Thanks for reading and offering feedback on Reenergize America. We know it was long, and I wrote early on in the piece, we know some people would only read as far as our statement of principles. Others would seek to parse every word.

But our goal at this stage is not to reach the "general public," but rather to persuade the Democrats to adopt it (or something like it) as part of the party agenda they are seeking to put together. Then the copy-writers can get to work on it.

You're absolutely right that it's not a dearth of good ideas or even whole plans that is the problem. But, despite those plans, nobody has really come up with a plan that includes proposed legislation. And nobody has put a $$ figure on the proposals - which is what we hope to do next.

Our strategy is to take what we think are strong points in everybody's book - national security - and tie this to an energy policy that includes items that not everybody is on board with or even knows much about. National security REQUIRES being environmentally sound. A commitment to renewables ultimately allows not just the nation, but individuals to be energy independent (and not just American individuals, but everybody).

But, as we said, first things first. We need a plan, then we need a plan to get the plan adopted by Dems, then we need to get enough Dems elected (with some help from them putting forth a clear energy plan), then we need to pass the legislation. And then we need to look further. Because energy policy is, as we said, a process not a product.

Again, thanks for your comments.