Monday, October 24, 2005

"Niger/Uranium: FACTS Everyone NEEDS to Know"

I never took the kind of science classes that covered this material, and I'd venture to guess that some of you are in the same boat.

This is one of those V8 swilling, head-thwacking moments that make me very, very grateful for "citizen journalists".

The issue of whether Iraq sought to buy yellowcake from Niger is and has always been irrelevant. The White House -- Bush, Cheney, Rice, Hadley; the intelligence community -- Tenet and CIA, DOE, and the State Department; Valerie Plame, and Joe Wilson, have all understood this from day one. Plame herself called the idea "crazy."

What has been utterly misunderstood, misrepresented, and lost amid the babble of speculation and intrigue, is that Iraq didn't need yellowcake. They'd had a million pounds of it sitting around "in country" for over a decade, but with no viable means whatsoever of making it into nuclear weapons.

It is all about the cover-up.

Follow the link and get the rest. Todd does an incredible job of making a simple point about information that has been twisted and obfuscated and lost on far too many of us.


Renee said...

I have swilled a V8 in, well, never.

2000 lives lost on lies.

Lily said...

And counting...