Sunday, October 30, 2005

"Oh Baby"

Yesterday, I had what can only be described as an "emergency tooth extraction". I now have a gaping hole in my head, but thanks to the dentist's generous prescription of pain killers, I'm out of the worst of the agony. However, these wonder-drugs have pretty much zapped me of my sharper wit, and as such, I'll just be directing you to some good reading until I get my head together.

First on the Lookie-Lookie list is another fine entry from Jeffrey Feldman.

Of all the rotten words Republicans like to throw at Democrats, the phrase ‘baby killer’ has to be the worst.

Republicans in Congress like nothing more than to tell the American people that a ‘Holocaust’ is being committed by Liberals in this country, and that over 30 million ‘babies’ have been ‘killed’ since the passage of Roe v. Wade, roughly twenty years ago. ‘Abortion on demand,’ they call it, or worse: a ‘culture of death.’

None of this would matter—and the country might actually be solving some of its serious problems with healthcare, education, or national security—if the Democrats had long ago found a powerful way to respond to the ‘baby killer’ accusation from Republicans. Unfortunately, the only response Democrats have used is the once powerful, but now inadequate phrase: ‘I am for a woman’s right to choose.’

I actually find it surprising that the GOP took so long to come up with a good phrase to deal with the Democratic line on abortion. But come up with one they did, and they will repeat and repeat and repeat it until the Democrats figure out how to reframe the debate.

He goes on to explain just how the debate must be framed, and offers some excellent suggestions for rebuttals to the "baby killer" meme. Good stuff, well worth a read.

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