Friday, October 28, 2005

In case anyone's been wondering...

I've been stuck in the Blog Blahs for a few days now. This isn't to say that I'm short on opinions (yeah, right), rather I've had little more than a smart-assed remark to make about recent events.

In short:

No, I'm not even a little surprised that Miers withdrew. I am, however, concerned that the next nominee will be far, far worse.

Libby: Screwed, Rove: TBD. I'm getting tired of the speculation at this point. Just make the fucking announcements already.

The flaws with electronic voting systems couldn't be any more clear. Anyone that thinks otherwise probably doesn't have the cognitive skills to handle voting to begin with.

Attention Target: You suck.

And on a personal note,

Today is the first sunny day in weeks. It's waaaay to early in the year to be battling off Seasonal Affective Disorder, but my primary inclination of late is to be like a bear and hibernate. Now, if I could just convince my two-year-old that this is a good idea, I'd be all set.

Many many years ago, a family member decided he'd had enough problems with his teeth, had them all pulled and replaced with a full set of dentures. I'm beginning to see the wisdom of that decision. I fear there's a root canal in my future. This does not bode well for someone whose fear of dental procedures mandates excessive novocaine just for cleanings. I may have to beg for general anesthetic. Or gas. Lots and lots of gas.

My wonderfully talented engineer husband, whose job requires him to travel, is on an extended trip away from home. He's due back sometime mid-November. The words to describe how much this sucks escape me.

Bitch whine moan kvetch.

Aren't you glad you stopped by?

I'll aim for more erudite commentary in future days. At the moment, however, this is as good as it gets.

I think we should demand that PayPal set up a booze-donation system. I'd surely appreciate any vodka you'd care to send my way.


Geo_Chick said...

Poor Bitch, When I lived back east I had to get one of those Solar lights to keep away the blues. That is why I love SoCal and my sunshine. It might help you more to give the vodka to the kid so you could get some rest ;-)

Honestly though, I don't know how you make it out there with no people but a toddler. Give a call if you want to chat with a live person. I am stuck home today with a sick/grumpy kid.

Lily said...

'Having people" is a state of mind. There are plenty of people, if your idea of an evening well spent involves eating cholesterol cuisine and talking about NASCAR, gutting deer, and Wal-Mart decor. I personally find the drive to other conversation to be time well spent. Its just an interest thing, despite the snotty tone, I just get tired of the "lets nuke the Arabs" position. Live and let live, right? Well they can have those conversations more efficiently without me there, being a contrarian. Gotta love Republicalities.
Bitch doesn't need vodka. She needs gas money and a babysitter to get the hell away from Stepford.
Now as far as Target is concerned, Bitch PhD had a lengthy thread on Target and EC. And yeah, people actually posted copies of their emails in the comment section. Not wanting to be my typical anti-corporate hysteric, I took some time to get more of the story- her blog is over there along with others discussing this -------------------->

Meteor Blades said...

We all get the blog blues occasionally. Target sucks is plenty good enough for the moment.