Monday, August 15, 2005

All Smoke, No Fire: Justice Sunday II

From the looks of it, Justice Sunday II's fireworks were closer to sparklers than M80s.

As he promised in an earlier comment, Jackson Miller posted several entries from the Justice Sunday II Bonanza. It doesn't sound like there was anything new going on, but Jackson deserves a nod for being the lone liberal blogger in the contingent invited to attend. Good for you, man.'s coverage can be found here.

Transcript of the conference call held by the sane religious leaders of the Interfaith Alliance is available here.

PFAW's article on the original Bonanza I has been updated with details of The Sequel!

And the LCCR's response to the shenanigans can be found here.

I read somewhere that Falwell wasn't invited. Poor guy.


Jackson said...

Thanks for the nod and the link.

Cantankerous Bitch said...

You're entirely welcome. Thanks for your coverage (and the cajones to attend in the first place -grin-).