Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Excellent News from CA: Lesbian Parental Rights

Once again, I'm going to point to Shanikka's diaries on the recent rulings regarding parental rights for lesbian couples. As is her norm, her synopsis and analysis are excellent.

Here's a teaser:

Yesterday, three extraordinary rulings were issued by the California Supreme Court, which seems to be finding its groove now that the strident voice of Janice Rogers Brown has been promoted to the level of her own dogma and moved to the DC Circuit, confirming, at least for now, that gay parents are parents even when they are no longer "married" parents.

To me, these decisions all have an unwritten subtext of common sense that perhaps someday the courts will be brave enough to write: Where children are concerned, it is irrelevant how they got here - what is relevant is that they are here, it is the job of that state to ensure a parent-child relationship with both its parents, and all the rights and responsibilities for each parent which that entails.

Have a look at the full versions here or here, and give a little thanks for sanity in the CaSC.

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