Thursday, August 11, 2005

Justice Sunday II

First, read Frederick Clarkson's entries here, here or here.

Then, take his advice (links added):

We can use our blogs in the same way we do when we are concerned about anything else.

People connected to religious communities -- check out those audio files I linked to in my diary above. Isn't that a terrific resource? That means there is audio for radio stations. (Hey Air America!)


Americans United for Separation of Church and State

The Interfaith Alliance

Leadership Conference on Civil Rights

People for the American Way

These groups (and more) are active in publicly countering the messages of Justice Sunday. Lets amplify their efforts.

If we believe the federal judiciary is important, and this is one of the premier events in rallying support for a far-rightwing judiciary -- doesn't it make sense that we do all we can to counter all this? I have done a series of diaries here, and on my blog about this event. I am just one blogger. But there are lots of useful links in those diaries, and maybe even a good point or two. Please use 'em!

Keep an eye on the sites above for coverage of the event. If you own a blog, help spread the word. If you don't, send emails to your friends/family. If you need to print a page and mail it to Granny Mae in NowhereSpecial, IA, who just doesn't get what "all the fuss is about", then do so.

Remember: These folks will succeed in their attempts to theocratize America only if we remain silent.


Jackson said...

I will be live-blogging this event on my blog

Cantankerous Bitch said...

Thanks, Jackson.