Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Say your prayers tonight for this man and the thousands like him (even if you're an atheist.)

No matter how little you can spare, donate to Hurricane Relief. Scrap your weekend plans for this month and send your money to the Gulf coast. They need it more than you do.

And give blood. There are ALWAYS shortages. It'll be even worse now.


Lily said...

CB it is awful, for sure. What amazes me about America is how quickly we all move on and away, the aftermath and destruction will be there but our attention spans will not be. We are moved by the Tsunami victims, crisis is Niger, Darfur, etc. and yet we are quickly able to banish the images from our minds. I wish I ould understand why outrage or empathy are such fleeting responses for so many of us.

Cantankerous Bitch said...

I dont know, Lily. I wish I did, too. Sometimes, it's just so overwhelming that, at least for me, my little brain can't take it. I've only been able to handle about an hour of Katrina coverage in any one sitting. Otherwise, I spend the hours afterward ready to cry at the drop of a hat and morose to the point of immobility. Perhaps that's what we all instinctively try to get a little distance from as a matter of coping.
What I truly don't understand, though, is the ways in which we don't follow the shock, outrage grief all the way down the path looking for preventative solutions. I'm seeing articles being harvested all over the net today that discuss massive funding cuts for COE levee/flood control projects -- funds that were approved by Clinton but cut by Bush primarily to help fund the Iraq war. I'm so furious I don't know what to do.