Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Roberts: Privacy Schmivacy

Evidently his support of the Griswold dissent has been dug up. C'mon everybody! Time to set your clocks back to 1965!

(Anticipated challenges to privacy re: this SCOTUS ruling were briefly discussed here, if you missed it. )

A pamphlet on the Rhythm Method: 50¢
Wire hangers: $2.00/dozen
Getting rid of that pesky Right to Privacy doctrine: Priceless.

Ok, enough snark.

No doubt the Lawyers Who Blog will start commenting on the web of rulings and laws that have foundations in the concept of "privacy", and rather than making you eager readers wait for the fruits of my pedantic research, I'll link out when they become available.

Today's Quiz:
Who are your state Senators and Representatives?
When was the last time you wrote to them?
Can you spare 10 minutes now, for instance?

Don't just blather on about "filibustering Roberts", because it's a waste of time, and likely to get your comments sent to the circular file. Instead, speak candidly about what privacy means to you as an American citizen.

And for heaven's sake, if you haven't yet, REGISTER TO VOTE.

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