Thursday, August 04, 2005


I'm not feeling very brilliant today. I'm chronically under-rested, but that's nothing new (thank you, darling toddler). But this HEAT, oy vey! I hate it.

No matter how many showers I take, I don't cool off, and unless I coat my entire body in deodorant, I smell within the hour. Besides, I'd look funny walking around with a chalky little film all over me. Then again, given my complexion, maybe no one would notice.
My head sweats and makes my other-wise clean hair look like it's been given the once over by Tippy's Trailer Park Salon.
All I want to do in this weather is sleep. It makes me foggy-headed and totally screws my concentration. I sit here reading some article or another, and realize about 3 paragraphs in that while I've been skimming my eyeballs over the text, I've actually been thinking about what's missing from my grocery list and whether or not my plants will actually die TODAY if I don't bother to water them.
The boy is bitchy, I'm bitchy, the pets are lethargic and shedding enough fur to produce several parkas. Putting ice in anything I'm drinking just creates this drippy, puddly mess of a glass and does little more than bother my teeth.

I loathe August.

-end whining-

You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.


Lily said...

Yes, it is hard to think when sweat is dripping into your eyes... notice my lack of commentary as well lately in response to your rantings... The car told me it was 101 but I am pretty sure it exaggerated. One or two degrees.
Everyone is cranky. I saw your dog as I went by and I swear he whispered "shave me".

Cantankerous Bitch said...

No worries, honey. You know I love your contributions, whether frequent or rare.
Glad to know the dog isn't just whispering to me.