Wednesday, November 09, 2005

ANWR Off the Table!!

From Richard Cowen at Reuters:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Republican leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives abandoned, at least temporarily, a drive to open Alaska's National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling after concluding on Wednesday the initiative was threatening passage of a huge bill to cut spending.

"ANWR and OCS will be out" of the legislation, said House Budget Committee Chairman Jim Nussle, an Iowa Republican.

Hat tip: georgia10


Geo_Chick said...

Whew! Actually knowing a bit about what it means technically to open ANWR in terms of damage to the environment up there (In an alternate life I was a Geologist), I am really glad. We need places on earth for the animals and nature. And they can't really expect us to believe it won't
1) Just make their oil barron buddies richer
2) Do ecological and environmental damage
and finally...
3) Somehow end up ALOT bigger than they are claiming (Anyone remember Purdhoe Bay?)

Lily said...

Yeah, and not to mention the fact that they are not obligated to sell the oil to America. When they spew this crap about "we need to become less reliant on other countries" people conveniently forget that oil companies are not owned by the government and are not beholden to us to care.
Emerging economies are demanding oil for their increases in cars and population too.