Wednesday, November 09, 2005

"Whistling Past the Graveyard"

An absolute must read.

You know, this is what the ardent pro-lifers conveniently and belligerently ignore: women will choose to terminate their pregnancies. They've been doing so for thousands of years. Whether or not we understand or agree with their reasons, they will continue to do so. And when legal avenues to this procedure are blocked by Bible-thumping idealogues, they will still continue to do so, at risk of their very lives.

But these choice-opponents don't give a shit. They pretend these women don't mutilate themselves, pretend they don't risk death, pretend they don't ACTUALLY DIE when their options are curtailed. And, thinking that everyone in America is a total moron, they deny the subtext: they believe, utterly and completely, that women who choose abortion DESERVE to die for their choices.

I don't have the language to express my contempt for these people. Nor do I have a way to express my disgust for those that vote these fuckers into office, donate to their causes, or patronize their businesses. And I won't spare my wrath from those that fail to support organizations, initiatives, candidates and charities that fight to defend the right of choice. To remain silent, or inactive, is to be complicit. Period.

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Geo_Chick said...

Did anyone read the text of the Proposition that just failed (thank God ;-) in CA. Prop 73 was for 48 hour advance parental notification if a minor has an abortion. The scary part though is that it would have written into our constitution that an abortion is the 'termination of a pre-born child'. For that alone I had to vote no. Talk about starting down the slippery slope.