Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Chef's Special: Snark 'n' Absolution

I wasn't very impressed with John Kerry during the campaign (I voted independent), greatly in part because he wasted too much energy trying to get a lot of air between his image and the "condescending liberal elite" caricature with which the Right kept flogging him. As a result, his snark levels were tragically low for my taste, and watching him pass up dozens of opportunities to be razorish toward his opponent left me feeling like I'd had 5 minute sex with a clumsy 20 year old.

Today, though, he won back a brownie point from the Cantankerous Bakery. In commenting on Bush's "I'm responsible, damnit!", Kerry said,

"The President has done the obvious, only after it was clear he couldn't get away with the inexcusable."

Right on, John.

So I won't be accused of praising snark for snark's sake, the larger story is this report.

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) issued a report Tuesday afternoon asserting that Louisiana governor Katherine Blanco took the necessary and timely steps needed to secure disaster relief from the federal government, RAW STORY has learned.

The report, which comes after a request by Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) to review the law and legal accountability relating to Federal action in response to Hurricane Katrina, unequivocally concludes that she did.

"This report closes the book on the Bush Administration's attempts to evade accountability," Conyers said in a statement. "The Bush Administration was caught napping at a critical time."

Go read the rest for the juicy bullet points (which, according to 4 out of 5 pundits, are aerodynamically sound and well-suited for hurling at Toadies™™).

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tmp00 said...

Oh go ahead, go for the snark. I do.

After all, Bush saying he was "taking responsibility" with all the sincerity of Eddie Haskell (really, I half expected to see Bar behind him giving him a swat when he faltered), after he spent the first three days of this disaster riding his bike, strumming his guitar, and scarfing birthday cake for the cameras fairly screams for it. What it really screams for are some screams of "a la guillotine": even dear Marie said to let them eat cake, not "let me eat cake while not giving a crap if all those poor people drown in poop water"

Which begs the question: this is what he does to red states? What were the three big disasters that we've been warned about?

Terrorist attack on New York or LA.


Cat 5 hurricane hitting New Orleans


Major earthquake hitting San Francisco

Ruh-Roh, Raggy.

If I lived in San Fran, I'd be hitting costco for a case of 2 of canned tuna and a few hundred gallons of water. Oh wait, I live in LA, I already did