Sunday, September 04, 2005

"Unforgivable", Indeed

Thanks to the efforts of fearless bloggers in all corners, the fiasco that was (is) the federal response to Katrina is increasingly well documented.

I'm short on time this morning, so instead I'll refer you to one of the better compilations of details.

Hunter has gathered up the last couple of days worth of efforts here. Please have a look. If you blog, spread the word. Write your newspapers, your local and state representatives. Tell everyone you know. Raise the topic with strangers every chance you get. Now is not the time to rest.

I know we're all suffering from news fatigue, as this story gets more appalling and offensive by the hour. But now is the time to remain vigilant. Now is the time to scream and rage, before the spin machines commence their typical brainwashing in an attempt to make us forget that, while nothing could have stopped the hurricane, many many things could have been done to mitigate the damage.

Stay engaged. Stay informed.

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Geo_Chick said...

Oh the spin to replace the blame is already on...