Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Just Stuff

The press listens to bloggers, and POTUS advisers listen to the press, so I'm happy to see that the outrage generated throughout the 'sphere (of all varieties) has finally penetrated The Bubble. Having said that, I hope none of us actually think Bush's "responsibility" claim means diddly squat. This has not been spoken by a man accustomed to taking responsibility, admitting culpability, or acknowledging weaknesses of any kind. A duck that fails to quack is not automatically a swan, so I would hope that none but the sycophants will look on his latest statement as anything other than evidence of Karen Hughes being back on the job. Bush does not, and will not, repent. The irony of that isn't even fun to point out anymore.

I watched some of the confirmation hearings today, but, as with all things, my young son won the better part of my attention. The Big Blogs have been covering them all day, so I suggest you join me in a wander their way for commentary and updates. I will say this, though -- while I share the alarm of most everyone on the left about Roberts' views on several subjects, I was childishly disappointed that I have little to no visceral reaction to the man. Perhaps this is the cleverness of Bush's choice. Roberts is hard to dislike, at least superficially, so the strongest challenges emanate from the legal eagles among us. I don't mind relying on them for direction on points of concern, but kind of wish Roberts had a pointy tail or something.

The Democrats (at least some) are still talking about "framing" the privacy issue, and while I don't disagree in principle for the need, I don't think even Donny Deutsch could sell it to the radical right. They don't give a rusty fuck whether or not liberties get stripped in the overturning of Roe, the renewal of the Patriot Act, the bans on gay marriage etc. Evoking the "since I'm not guilty, I have nothing to worry about" line of reasoning, appeals to fairness will simply not work with this crowd. That said, I still look, longingly, for signs of something that *will* reach them. I may have better luck growing a third tit, so I'll keep you posted.

I'm back in an "absorbing" place when it comes to news, so for the intermittent posting of late, you have my apologies.

In the days to come, I'll get up to speed on the Dover, PA Creationism/ID debate and post relevant details. They're headed to court on the 15th, as I understand it, so we should start seeing some press movement pretty soon (if it's not already out there).

Oh -- by the way --
If you've not yet seen The Corporation, you really must. It's a good historical review of big business in the U.S. of A., the politics that have been influenced by it, and the impact on the common citizen. Yes, the leftie slant is obvious, so if you find this objectionable, brace yourself, because it ain't subtle. Regardless, it's worth a view in light of the continual noise about "ownership society" and the "power of profit over people".

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