Thursday, September 01, 2005

This Christmas

DavidNYC has a suggestion that's too good to let fall off the FP scroll at dKos.

So here's my proposal. I don't even think it'll be that painful. I'm just not going to be giving any holiday gifts when December comes around this year. Instead, I'm going to give whatever I might have spent on presents to hurricane relief efforts instead. Goodness knows that the Gulf Coast refugees need it more than anyone I know needs a new video game or handbag.
P.S. King One Eye reminds us about the obvious corollary here: You can also ask your friends and family not to give you gifts either, and instead make a donation.

This year, let's not bitch about how meaningless and commercial the holiday season has become. Instead, let's make it meaningful and truly about giving.


DavidNYC said...

Thanks so much. I hope more blogs pick up this post.

Renee said...

Great idea.

Consider, too, helping out at your local food shelter. Typically after a disaster, local relief organizations suffer a setback in donated items such as food and money.