Thursday, September 22, 2005

"Houston, We Have A Problem" Indeed.

The Mayor of Port Arthur, TX is on Chris Matthews just now. He says that LA's Governor Blanco is suggesting that people refusing to evacuate should write their social security numbers on their arms in permanent ink.

One of MSNBC's reporters describes the northbound traffic jam as "100 miles long". Some of those travelers are reported to be moving at about 1 mile per hour. So let's do some quick mental math and ask: What of the people stuck on the freeways when the storm hits?

And I'm hearing that due to the amount of time Rita spent over the water as a Cat 5, the storm surge hitting the coast will be its equivalent, even if it weakens and hits land at a Cat 4.

This is surreal. And what's really scary is there's another 69 days left in the Atlantic hurricane season.

Update: Give BigDaddyTX's diary a read. He's right in the path, and I suspect, his story is like thousands of others.

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Geo_Chick said...

There is no global warming or anything, but this is documented as the worst hurricane season since record keeping started in 1851. Check out the CNN story, there are so many hurricanes they are running out of names!