Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Chuck Pennacchio for Senate

You don't have to be a PA resident to know that little Ricky Santorum's days are numbered. To those that think Bob Casey's victory over Rick is a foregone conclusion: think again. Chuck Pennacchio's support from the netroots grows every day, and with your help, we can get him the exposure he needs.

I mean, Casey's a fine guy. Middle-of-the-road Democrat and all, BUT -- his position on choice, for me, is totally unacceptable. While I understand the Big Tent arguments, I don't feel they apply when the decision is NOT limited to One Republican and One Democrat. Fortunately for PA, there's more than one option on the Democratic ticket. (Hell, if the Dems can round up candidates as sane as Pennacchio, I just may register with them again).

I've been following Chuck's campaign for nearly a year now, and delight in hearing that where he once addressed 10 folks in a suburban living room, he's filling auditoriums with eager voters. His support is experiencing a healthy growth spurt, and every mention you make of him will help.

Bloggers, if you're keeping a list of '06 election candidates somewhere, have a look at Chuck's positions and consider including him in your Candidate Roll.

Non-Bloggers, if you have any friends and family at all in PA, please turn them on to Chuck. Too many locals simply don't realize Casey isn't the only choice.

If you don't blog, and don't know anyone out here, get familiar with Chuck and the other Democrats / Independents hoping to secure seats in '06. Just chatting about them can help spread the word and mobilize people to get up to speed with who's who. The Democrats have a 12 point lead over Republican in current polling, so the ground is fertile!


Geo_Chick said...

Do you ever read OC Weekly? It definately focuses on local issues, but often looks at things on a national scale. They have chosen Santorum as a target on several levels. Look them up sometime and check out what they gave his name to.

Renee said...

Sign me up! I love what he stands for. I've emailed his team from his website, albiet a long time ago, and never heard from him or anyone.

Howling said...

I wonder if that is more the product of small staffing? He was in Scranton- did anyone attend?

Renee said...

I did not.

Cantankerous Bitch said...

I'm embarrassed to say I didn't even know he'd been in Scranton. The alert emails I've gotten from his site admins only mentioned Pittsburgh and Philadelphia appearances.

Cantankerous Bitch said...

No, since leaving LA I can't say I've even given OC Weekly a passing glance. I'll have a look. Thanks for the reminder.

Lily said...

He was supposed to be involved in a Scranton threesome- I heard- with Casey and Santorum sponsored by the University of Scranton students. I cannot recall the specifics. A local group was supposedly getting Chuck to speak but needed a venue. I found one but my understanding is that the initiator-organizer dropped the ball and got into something else.. and just sort of forgot about it.
I am noticing an issue with attention span. We all get scattered around and we lose track of all thse grandiose plans as soon as the next thing comes along... groups that really focus one one issue seem to last for the duration far better despite the flack for being 'single issue' oriented. Single issues keep people on message.

Daveocrat said...

Hello fellow Chuck Pennacchio supporters! I'd like to invite all of you to our yahoo group:


In this group you can stay in touch with many Pennacchio campaign staff members and supporters across the state. We always have lots of good ideas on how to help Chuck get more exposure and organize events, etc.

Also, be sure to check http://www.chuck2006.com/events.asp often to know where Chuck will be appearing next. He's very busy these days and often makes appearances on a relatively short notice.

Cantankerous Bitch said...

Thanks, Dave!