Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hannity Lowers the Bar (Again)

Ever eager to smear anti-war protesters, Sean Hannity has sunk to a new low. Evidently he's not even bothering to READ the stories he "sums up" for his little televised tirades. Once again, one has to wonder if there even IS a managing editor at Fox News.

Discussing coverage of the 8/28 funeral for Sgt. Jeremy Doyle of Indianapolis, Hannity has this to say of the attendant protesters:

"I guess this is just another example of how the anti-war left supports our brave troops."

Trouble is, you stupid fucknut, these protesters were not even loosely related to the "anti-war left".

They were, in fact, raging lunatics from the Westboro Baptist Church, led by the vile "Reverend" Phelps. You remember these wackos - they're the ones that blame, well, everything, on "fags".

It's one thing to disseminate GOP talking points on nightly broadcasts under the guise of "news". It's one thing to pound the pundit gavel and slam liberals and the left for the sheer sport of it.

But for Hannity to so recklessly confuse black with white, round with square, up with down, is beyond any and all reasonable standards of Op-Ed protocol. Clearly there are absolutely NO standards in place within the tiny vacuous echo chamber of Hannity's "mind" or within Fox News editorial management.

I can only assume that each day's story round up consists of editors and reporters alternatively jacking off and shitting on pictures of Camp Casey. One can easily envision their cackling glee as they invent smear-tales from thin air, high-fiving each other for their devious creations.

Fox News is now officially the National Enquirer of cable television. And Mr. Hannity, you irretrievably stupid fucking moron, are criminal a waste of oxygen.

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les said...

Oh, but CB, don't ya know, Phelps once registered as a Democrat. So despite being a religious fundamentalist wingnut who, when not going after gays runs a nice sideshow in the antiabortion ring, the right wing nut jobs get to play this scam. This isn't the first version of this rant; Hannity's not even creative in his idiocy.