Monday, September 05, 2005

Congressional Record Details Cry for Help

Georgia10 has assembled pieces of the Congressional record showing LA's plea for resources and planning and funding. For your anti-spin files.

The Cowboy of 9/11 is gone. Send in the Rodeo Clowns.

Team Bush is in full PR mode, spinning the facts and playing stupid in response to the explosion of criticism it has received about Katrina.

In typical "the Buck stops over THERE" fashion, the administration has launched a coordinated attack on state and local officials, claiming that the man-made disaster after Katrina is the fault of the Mayor and Governor. The primary fallacy, of course, is that a mayor's response is only as good as the resources and infrastructure available to him. When a city is evacuated and there ARE no resources or infrastructure to rely on like on 9/11, the mayor...well, he turns to the President and says "FIX THIS."

One look at the Congressional Record below proves that the state officials--particularly Sen. Landreiu--have been BEGGING the Republican Congress and the Republican administration to take action. The GOP administration was warned--time and time again over the last 4 years as you'll see below--of the devastation.

So the next time some winger tries to blame the mayor, or the governor, who worked with the state senators and representatives to beg for help--show them this. Show them what is PUBLIC RECORD.

Follow the link for transcripts.

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