Tuesday, September 20, 2005

"Fix My Kid, Preacher man!" [Updated]

From our July 18 rant on "Love in Action":

So now they have "Make 'Em Straight" camps for teenagers. Yep. No joke.
Christian camps to which gay & lesbian teens are shuttled by their parents. Who needs swimming lessons and horseback riding when you can have "conversion therapy"?

My heart breaks for these kids. Here's the recent NYT piece that describes a kid from Tennessee who blogged about his pre-departure anxiety, and a site that his supporters have since launched to help raise awareness.

(Thanks to Lilibeth over on dKos for posting the story -- and I agree with her - WTF was this doing in NYT's Style section!??!?)

Sep 20 Update: Evidently the state of Tennessee has shut these fuckers down. Good news, indeed. Of course, that TN regulators shut them down for concerns over how "Love in Action" was dispensing DRUGS without a license is the truly disturbing part.

I'd like to believe that reaction from the press and around the blogs over this farce of a "treatment center" is part of what led TN to investigate. Regardless, however, can I get a GOOD RIDDANCE from the crowd??!?

Hat Tip: AmericaBlog


Cantankerous Bitch said...

More on the topic from Salon. They're doing a 4-part series - the link will take you to part 1.

Stay informed, people. We can't let this kind of insanity creep up on us while we're not looking.

tmp00 said...

I saw this in the style secion and went "huh?", but hey, at least they are publishing it. And God love Salon.

if it weren't for the fact that they are damaging poor, fu%^ed up kids, I would say that they are worthy of no more that the faintly derisive contempt that Mssrs Muchnik and Kohan showed them in "Will & Grace"

Sadly, with the help of some of the states, they are damaging children in much the same way actual child molesters are. How sweet that it's done with the parent's explicit cooperation.

Beelzebub is down there awaiting these people with a thermometer, creating a special corner oh hell for them, cackling "nope, not hot enough yet..."

Renee said...

This is disturbing to say the least; however, there is a little part of me (I’m a 38 year-old-semi-out-Lesbian) that is a tiny bit ok that talking about homosexuality (even in a negative way) is better than not talking about it at all. 20 years ago I struggled with my faith and gayness to the point of a suicide attempt primarily because I didn't have any information or anyone to talk with.

I have faith that kids who have to deal with this will come to the realization that they can’t “change” and that they are being bamboozled. You can’t deny who you are and no amount of brain-washing “therapy”, especially in the information-age, will change that.

Cantankerous Bitch said...

I certainly hope you're right, Renee, but I worry that the compelling power of parents and peers defeats any media input available to them -- since that media input is typically harshly curtailed by the "compellers" in question.

Renee said...

Good news indeed!

Lily said...

Good riddance... damn. Sick world.