Thursday, September 22, 2005

Too Much. Just Too Much.

Things have been a bit busy at Casa Bitch lately, so I've been bookmarking stories, meaning to get back to them & post for you, dear readers.

It's insidious, really. Every day contains a new reason to wonder WHAT PLANET AM I ON?!?

Anyway. Rather than just freak out, here are some stories you might want to catch up on.

Paging Dr. Mengele
Billmon describes the EPA's new rules on human testing. If federal response to Katrina hasn't proven that the government sees the disenfranchised as disposable, this story will.

The melting Arctic: it's worse than you think
Plutonium Page updates on the likely future of the ice caps. A dire picture, so if you're having a crappy day, you might want to come back to this one. Nutshell version? Sea-level communities are toast. Bangladeshi Shelf Life? 70 years, optimistically.

Protecting tax cuts, GOP proposes cuts to military health care

Not that any of us really need ANOTHER reason to loathe this administration. Rather than roll back (even incrementally) tax breaks for the richest 1% of us, BushCo has decided that cutting into military health care services is the better idea. I swear, I don't fucking get it. Not even a little. (via Armando)

No word from Bush on twister aid here
Did you know that on Aug 18, some 18 tornadoes slammed through Wisconsin? I didn't.
What's worse, the locals are still waiting for a passing glance from FEMA. (Thanks to Robertinwisconsin.)

I suppose that's enough for you to swallow in a single sitting. Sorry the news isn't sunnier. Then again, it's not like you come here for sugar & spice, right?

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